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In 2014 I set a mission statement for myself: To read and write for a living (lire et écrire, as I like to say). At the time I was writing sporadic, uninspired blog articles for a PR company for $15/article and finishing up my grad certificate in Academic Advising. I was taking a requisite course on career advising—designed to train me to coach students to carefully examine themselves and select their careers—when I recognized there had to be a more “me” career than advising. I took stock of what I’ve loved my whole life, from a second-grader borrowing chapter books from the middle school library to a French major conjugating verbs, and it came down to this: I love language. As a homeschooled kid, I could finish an entire Wordly Wise vocabulary workbook in a week. I take my trusty AARP-stamped crossword puzzles on every trip and pull them out in front of the TV. 


Like you, I love words. And I love words strung together well. I love mentorship—both being mentored and providing any guidance I can offer. I love being a part of the process of inspiration and improvement. I’ve seen this theme in quality assurance (which leaned more towards copyediting) for an advertising firm, as a proofreader for my friends’ college essays, in writers’ critique groups, and as a writer myself. As I warmed to my core mission, I connected with other word-lovers, and found my way to publishing as a proofreader and editor for Booktrope. Through Booktrope I worked with incredible authors and colleagues in editing and publishing. See the brilliant works from these talented folks here

I discovered The Story Grid in 2015 and have been studying it ever since, following the blog, publications, and now podcast, to learn about great story. I was invited to be a part of the Story Grid Editor Accreditation workshop in September 2017, and I'm thrilled to say I'm now a certified Story Grid editor! 


I should mention I work from home or from any coffee shop that will fuel me and my software-engineer husband…and that I am trying my hardest to balance editing and being Jameson's mom. 


Editing questions? Contact me!

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