What I've Learned from One Month of Blogging

June 30, 2017


Today I'm celebrating a month of blogging! For me, this is a big deal. I have now written 6 total blog posts for this Ask Me Anything: Story + Publishing series--my first-ever 6 blog posts, that is.


As of mid-May, I was anti-blogging. I didn’t want to produce click-bait; I maintained that’s all blogging was. I was stalled in editing; no new work, losing momentum, calling myself an editor and pretending to have all the answers. Even as I was studying for my Story Grid certification, I needed an outlet.


I went to my creative entrepreneurs network meeting and the topic was “Content Marketing.” We all complained about the shadow of Blogging that looms over us, but that we don’t do it. Many of us justified our reasons to each other, found solidarity.


In truth, I was scared, and I called it disinterest.


A week later, I went out to work at my "coffee-shop office," as I do twice a week, and came home with the revelation: what if learning and sharing go hand-in-hand? I want to be an authority on editing. I need to learn. Other people need to learn. Other people have specific questions. What if I asked others for their questions, hunted them down, and shared in a…gasp…blog? 


It’s been my most productive month in a long time. 




Besides some pros and cons and marketing techniques of self-publishing, what ghostwriting is, and how a published entrepreneur uses an editorhere are some more personal things I’ve learned:


- “An important part of being [an author/editor/creative] is failure, and anyone that tries to teach/brow-beat that out of you is doing a disservice.” -- Harrison Ferrone

I randomly check my Social tab on my Gmail. (It’s usually when I am procrastinating.) A few weeks back when I was struggling with momentum, I came across this LinkedIn article, “Fear is the Mind-Killer,” by the software developer Harrison Ferrone. I’ve adapted his quote on failure as a necessary part of the process for programming, to creatives and especially authors.


- It takes a long time to organize thoughts.

This has made me more sympathetic to authors. Where I may have been impatient before, I can now definitely relate. Especially when I am fitting this into my margin, and I don't work on it everyday. Culling through questions, researching, and organizing information all takes a lot of time--not to mention the writing, posting, and sharing! 


- I have to cut myself off.

I often feel pressure to gather ALL the information and have THE definitive answer on a topic. Giving myself a weekly deadline is very helpful. 


- The fear to share my work can be crippling. Again, I sympathize with authors!


- It’s freeing to say “I don’t know.” And to seek out answers!


- It’s epically satisfying to know more than I did before. 


- When I’m writing and researching, I am a passionate apprentice. I love what I do. When I stop, I am an imposter. 

My goal was to write everyday. While I haven't met this, I am writing a whole lot more than I was before!


- Many people want to participate in this endeavor!

Contact me if you do, too--if you have questions, or even if you have a bit of advice on a story + publishing topic!


- So far, I have zero trolls.

I was afraid of this at first! But now, I just think I'll have "made it" when I get one. :)


- Chopping onions

When I am mulling over a new concept, a problem in story, someone’s question I just don’t know how to answer or whom to ask, I must work with my hands. I am cooking a lot more these days because chopping onions gives my mind rest and room to explore. I also stop and do yoga. Seeing tangible results (physical strength) as I am building an intangible skill (story authority) is crucial to keeping my momentum.


- Writing fuels learning, which fuels writing, and around and around. 

This has also made me journal more, which helps me know myself


- I have 7 subscribers! 7 more than I've ever had. :) 

Join my email list if you want to bump that number up. 


- I still don't know how and when is best to share a new post on Instagram and Facebook. I've been lackadaisical about when I post, and I want to stick to more of a schedule in July. Instagram is my favorite social platform, and I just don't want all my squares to be the same AMA graphic. (Thoughts?)

By the way, if you haven't read last week's post on ghostwriting featuring author Susy Flory, check it out! I didn't do a good job sharing it last week.  


Maybe you've wondered if blogging on a topic would be worth it. I hope this list shows you how sharing what and as you learn can be a good practice--for your own growth and your network's!


I'll be taking the next 2 weeks off posting because of fun, relaxing summer plans, but I'll keep writing. Keep sending in questions! Contact me or email at hello@sophiebthomas.com.

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